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Nowadays plastic surgery is becoming fashionable along with treatment for all of you who are concern about the physical appearance of the body, figure, and beauty.

But having reconstructive or cosmetic plastic surgery is such a major decision that could only be made after good research about the surgery, who is the best doctor for that particular procedure, and what is post-procedure care.

The doctor is very friendly, humble and immensely knowledgeable. He patiently listens to all your problems and gives you guaranteed best treatment ! Callisto provides the most advanced solutions to all cosmetic and hair problems. !! Great clinic, amazing services and a very positive ambience. Will recommend this place to everyone without any doubts !!

Karishma Joshi – Patient

The main issue that arises whenever you decide to have plastic surgery is “how to choose a plastic surgeon”. And this could only be answered when you will go through some specific questions in mind to be answered.

  • How to get better references?
  • According to the reference, who will be the best surgeon?
  • Can the doctor clear all your doubts about your surgery?

Here are some important measures to keep in mind while looking for the best surgeon for you are:-

1. Get suggestions from family, friends, primary care doctor, persons who had gone through plastic surgery or at last go through internet surfing.

2. Sort list the doctors and then research their credentials i.e. qualification, skill, training, experience, and expertise in that specific procedure of plastic surgery you are looking for.

3. Go for reviews from the patients gone through plastic surgery from your sort listed surgeons.

4. Then make an appointment with doctors you find suitable for your plastic surgery according to your research. Ask all your doubts about your surgery and transformation and when you got all your doubts cleared and satisfied with the answers from the surgeon then only opt for the surgeon for your plastic surgery.

At callisto clinic, we are with one of the best suggestions for you, Dr. Manish Jain with experience of more than 15 years, is one of the finest plastic surgeons with special expertise in cosmetic and microvascular surgery includes rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast surgery. He got his degree for his super-specialty from the top most institute of India which is King George Medical University after securing top rank among other institutes of India.

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