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Buttock augmentation is also known as Gluteoplasty is a surgical procedure for augmentation or lift buttock. Sometimes you may not be born with the buttock's desire curve, or sometimes after pregnancy, weight fluctuation and ageing and genetic factors can lead to flattening your buttock. Flatten buttocks diminished not only body image but also diminished self-image and confidence. Buttock augmentation is usually done by silicon implant or autologous fat transfer or by a combination of two, depending on individual need. The Brazilian buttock lift or augmentation technique utilized Fat from one body area to buttock tissue. Buttock augmentation leads –

1. Improved fullness or projection of buttock
2. Enhanced body balance and improve self-image

Callisto determines the appropriate technique for you depend on the size and shape of the buttock, amount of body fat, skin quality to give more natural and optimum results.

Procedure Details

Anesthesia - General

Incision – between buttock or natural crease

Duration of surgery – 2 to 3 hours

Discharge from the hospital – usually next day

Stitches – 7th post-operative day

Scar – well hidden

Return to work – after 10 th day

Aftercare – minimal

Complication – unfavourable scar, hematoma, delayed wound healing, numbness.

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