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Browlift surgery is also known as a Forehead lift. As we grow older, our brow becomes saggy and tired-looking. Wrinkle appear over the forehead horizontally and between eyebrows as vertical line knows as Frown lines. It happened due to gravity and loss of elasticity of the skin. Brow lift not only correct saggy eyebrows but also enhances the eyebrows' arching to provide a youthful appearance. Brow lift also reduces forehead wrinkles and tightens forehead skin.

A brow lift can be performed as a separate procedure but now commonly done with other cosmetic procedures such as blepharoplasty, facelift, and other facial rejuvenation procedure.

Callisto considers facial anatomy with a bony framework to understand three-dimension aging to provide the best possible natural and long-lasting results to patients.

Procedure Details

Anaesthesia – General or local with sedation

Duration of surgery – 1 to 2 hour

Discharge from the hospital – Same day

Stitches – On the 7th day

Scar – No or well hidden

Return to work – 5-7 days

Complication – Minimal with bruising, swelling, numbness

Aftercare – minimal

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