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The thigh lift, also known as the crural lift surgery, is a surgical technique to reshape the thigh by removing excess skin, and Fat gives a better propionate shape to the thigh to the rest of your body. Ageing, weight fluctuation and many other factors lead to sagging of skin over the medial side with fat deposition over the thigh's outer aspect. Sometimes there is rubbing between thighs during walking. Excessive Fat over the outer part of the thigh removes by Liposuction, and excessive skin and Fat by excision over the inner part of the thigh. This procedure not only leads to re-tighten the thigh but also gives it back to a youthful appearance.

Callisto consider not only patient expectations but also choose the best
possible procedure to provide an excellent aesthetic result.

Procedure Details

Anesthesia - general or Spinal

Incision – In Natural Crease

Duration of surgery – 2 to 4 hours

Discharge from the hospital – usually next day

Stitches – 7 th post-operative day

Scar – well hidden in the natural skin crease.

Return to work – after 10 th day

Aftercare – avoid exercise and pressure garment.

Complication – unfavourable scar, hematoma, wound dehiscence, delayed wound healing.

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