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Hymenoplasty, also known as Hymen repair surgery, is a surgical process to repair torn hymen or recreate absent hymen. The hymen is a delicate layer of tissue around the vagina orifice. Besides sexual intercourse, vigorous physical activity, gymnastic, outdoor games can break hymen easily without pain or bleeding sometimes. Hymenoplasty doesn't restore virginity, but it assures bleeding and makes you comfortable during matrimonial or wedding nights.

Here at Callisto, We understand the sensitivity and importance of this surgery in women's lives and try to feel confident in surgery with all discretion and confidentiality. Best time to performed surgery six weeks before the wedding date.

Procedure Details

Anesthesia – Local with Sedation

Duration of surgery – 30 -45 minute

Discharge from Clinic – Same day

Return to work – Next day

Aftercare – wash with soap and water, avoid heavy exercise.

Complication – Swelling, Bleeding, Infection, Bruising

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