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Scar treatment is also known as scar revision or scar correction. A scar is formed by fibrous tissue after trauma or surgical procedure. Scar over the visible part of the body can disturb that part of the body. Sometimes a scar can lead to functional impairment and pain to the touch. Scar formation depends on multiple factors: genetic factors, location of the spot, suturing techniques, exposure to sunlight, and aftercare. Some elements are not under our hands, but we can improve the scar's final appearance by influencing other factors, which is not noticeable. There are no such modalities in the world that prevent scar formation. Still, by plastic surgery, we can improve the final appearance from unpleasant to pleasant by hiding it inside regular skin fold. Surgical treatment depends on various factors and is individualized for each scar. The most common treatment includes Z Plasty, W plasty, excision, Fat grafting.

Callisto always considers individual expectation and offer a best possible treatment for the best possible outcome.

Procedure Details

Anesthesia - Local with sedation

Incision – variable

Duration of surgery – 30 minutes to 90 minute

Discharge from Clinic – Same Day

Stitches – 5th to 7th post-operative day

Scar – well hidden

Return to work – Next Day

Aftercare – strapping and scar treatment advice

Complication – very minimal

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