Rhinoplasty Nose Job surgery, Rhinoplasty Nose Job surgery in Jaipur, Rhinoplasty Nose Job Surgeon in Jaipur,Rhinoplasty Nose Job Dr in Jaipur, Best Rhinoplasty Nose Job Surgeon in jaipur, Rhinoplasty Nose Job in Jaipur is also known as a Nose job or nose Reshaping surgery, It is among the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure worldwide. The nose is the most prominent and most visible part of the face. A slight deviation in normal anatomy either in soft tissue or osteocartilaginous part of the nose leads to an unpleasant appearance. Abnormality in the nose most of the time is genetic and sometimes it is after trauma.

Rhinoplasty not only addresses cosmetic correction of the nose in term of shape and size but also address the functional part of the nose. Most common there are:-

  • Hump over the nose
  • Alar flaring
  • Hanging columella
  • Tip deformity
  • Broad nasal base

Depend on the extent of deformity, the rhinoplasty procedure is chosen which can be done by an open and closed approach. The scar is well hidden and mostly not visible. Rhinoplasty not only enhances the appearance of the nose and maintains harmony with the rest of the face but also an unobstructed nasal passage which leads to ease of breathing.


Anaesthesia – General or local with sedation

Duration of surgery – 2 to 4 hour

Discharge from the hospital – Same day or next day

Stitches – On 7th day

Scar – No or well hidden

Return to work – 3-5 day

Complication – Minimal with bruising, swelling, numbness and stiffness