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Gynaecomastia refers to enlarged or excess breast tissue in the male. This condition not also lead to feminism in male but also lead to emotional distress beside painful sometimes. The person usually avoids outdoor games, swimming and avoids
fashionable clothes due to enlarged breast tissue. Enlarge male breasts are usually found after birth, during adolescence, and during old age due to hormonal imbalance but usually disappear after some time. The persistence of enlarging breast tissue for more than two years requires surgical correction. Many factors lead to enlarged breast tissue such as obesity, hormonal imbalance, medication, an endocrine disorder, steroids beside idiopathic in most cases.

Three type of gynaecomastia –

1. Glandular type - consist of glandular tissue mainly
2. Fatty type – consist of fatty tissue mainly
3. Mixed type – consist of fatty and glandular tissue both

Surgical correction includes removal of tissue by either Liposuction or surgical excision by a well-hidden periareolar small incision. Surgical correction not only leads to getting rid of emotional distress but also restores the masculine character and symmetric chest contour.

Procedure Details

Anaesthesia – General or local with sedation

Duration of surgery – 1 to 2 hour

Discharge from the hospital – Same day or next day

Stitches – On the 7th day

Scar – No or well hidden

Return to work – 3-5 day

Complication – Minimal with bruising, swelling, numbness

Aftercare – need to wear pressure garment for one month

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