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Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is also known as female genital surgery, female genital cosmetic surgery, vagina designer surgery. Following pregnancy, childbirth, increased age lead to relaxation, stretched and torn of vaginal muscle and tissue and alter the aesthetic shape of female genitalia. Sometimes women who experience discomfort during sexual intercourse also seek vaginal rejuvenation surgery. As we grow older, labia majora loses volume, which leads to less coverage with overexposed labia majora.

There are many procedures which comprise female vaginal rejuvenation surgery –

- Labia minora reduction
- Labia majora augmentation
- Pubic lift or mentoplasty
- Vaginal tightening
- Clitoris hood reduction
- Vaginoplasty

Callisto offers consultation and surgery with privacy and professionalism to provide patients as comfortable and restore a more youthful appearance and regain self-confidence in sexuality.

Procedure Details

Anaesthesia – General or local with sedation

Duration of surgery – 1 to 2 hour

Discharge from the hospital – Same day

Stitches – no need to remove

Scar – No or well hidden

Return to work – 3 day

Complication – Minimal with bruising, swelling, numbness

After Care – no sexual intercourse or physical sport for 3-4 weeks.

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