Facial Fat Transfer is also known as Lipotransfer, It is a minimal surgical procedure to replace a loss of fat volume in face by transfer of living fat cells. Fat transfer not only replaces a loss of volume but also by principles of stem cells that lead to facial rejuvenation. In the early phase of aging, there is a loss of volume in the face which leads to a deepening of natural facial fold and hollowness.

Fat transfer helps to restore volume and leads you to a youthful appearance. Fat transfer is done by micro fat and Nano fat Grafting technique. Fat grafting usually is done after a thorough evaluation of facial anatomy and bony structure. It can also be done with other facial procedures such as

  • Blepharoplasty
  • Facelift
  • Brow lift and chemical peeling


Anaesthesia – Local or sedation

Discharge from the hospital – Same day

Duration of surgery – 1 to 2 hour

Stitches removal – No

Scar – No scar

Return to work – After 3-5 day

Complications – Minimal including bruising, swelling, numbness, lumpiness