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Many of us choose to have plastic surgery abroad only because of the conception that people might get the best treatment in the USA, UK, or Brazil. People search for plastic surgeons in other countries and getting the surgery done abroad but the truth is that many patients visit India for cosmetic surgery treatments as the experience is much higher in India.
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Dr. Manish Jain is one of the finest surgeons I ever came across. Would recommend him and the services offered by the clinic.

Mehak Ahuja – Patient

India Is a land of explorers even in the ancient time, during the 6th Century BCE, an Indian doctor named Sushruta — widely considered in India as the ‘father of operation’ — composed among the world’s oldest works on medication and surgery. The Sushruta Samhita recorded the etiology of over 1,100 ailments and directions for performing dozens of surgical processes — such as three kinds of skin grafts and reconstruction of their nose.

While choosing treatment with “Cosmetic Surgery Tourism”, there are several things that need to be considered when you are deciding if going for plastic surgery abroad is the right thing for you.

Here are some important measures to keep in mind while looking for the best surgeon for you are:-

  • Sort list the doctors and then research their credentials i.e. qualification, skill, training, experience, and expertise in that specific procedure of plastic surgery you are looking for.
  • Go for reviews from the patients gone through plastic surgery from your sort listed surgeons


Find out if the clinic or hospital you’re considering is affiliated with medical facilities in the country, which can help if you need unexpected follow-up treatment postoperatively.

So for all of you who choose to have plastic surgery in India, Here at Callisto Clinic we have the solution with world-class facilities and experience with Dr. Manish Jain with experience of more than 15 years, is one of the finest plastic surgeons with special expertise in cosmetic and microvascular surgery includes rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast surgery. He got his degree for his super-specialty from the top most institute of India which is King George Medical University after securing top rank among other institutes of India.

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