Facelift Surgery is also known as rthytidectomy, It is a surgical procedure to lift and tightens sagging facial tissue.

As we grow older our facial skin loses its tone, elasticity and becomes sagging even loses its volume. There is jowl over the lower face, deepening of natural facial folds appear on the face. All these changes lead you towards older-looking appearance and depressive look which leads to a decrease in self-confidence.

Facelift surgery leads you to regain your youthful appearance and restore facial symmetry.

The extent of the procedure depends on the amount of sagging. Various type of facelift includes

  • Thread facelift
  • Mini facelift
  • Standard facelift
  • SMAS lift
  • Deep plane lift

The incision in surgery is well-hidden around-ear and hardly visible. Facelift surgery may also combine with fat grafting or other facial procedures depend on facial anatomy and bony structure.


Anaesthesia – General or local and sedation

Discharge from the hospital – same day or next day

Duration of surgery – 2-4 hour

Stitches removal – 7-8 days

Return to work – After one week

Complications – Minimal but rare complication include hematoma, unsatisfying scar, and facial nerve injury