Ageing is a process which can not be defy but we can overcome it with certain measures. With age, wrinkles appear over the face which gives you an older appearance. There are multiple factors which contribute to wrinkles and facial lines include ageing, gravity, pollution, diets etc. there are two type of wrinkles –

Dynamic wrinkles – due to action of underlying muscles
Static wrinkles – due to loss of facial volume

BOTOX is effective to correct dynamic wrinkles over the face. It mainly works over the upper face to treat facial frown lines, forehead crease, crows feet along with to correct thick jawlines, gummy smiles, drooping angle of mouth etc.
BOTOX is most commonly performed non-invasive cosmetic procedure performed worldwide. It act by blocking action of underlying muscles to alleviate fine wrinkles and provide a youthful and fresh look.


Anaesthesia- Topical
Duration of procedure – 10 to 15 minute
Discharge from clinic – same day
Return to work – same day
Aftercare – not to rub face or exercise for 24 hour
Maintenance – upto 6 month