As we grow older our body reacts accordingly. Our face become lax, wrinkles appear, face volume loss and our facial fold deepened. Sometimes in younger age, u look sad because of inappropriate facial muscle action.


With the help of botox and filler, you not only defeat ur age but also lead to a youthful and happy face, but there is a certain indication for each.


When you have dynamic wrinkles ( wrinkles due to muscle action) such as crow feet, over the forehead, around the mouth then BOTOX definitely helps you. BOTOX paralyzed underlying muscle and dynamic wrinkles fade away. But always remember it is temporary measured and you have to repeat the session usually after 6 months. Sometimes people with younger age have sad look due to the overaction of depressor muscle around the corner of the mouth. application of BOTOX leads to the weakening of these muscles help to improve your sad look and keep u smile.



As we grow older our facial fold deepened such as nasolabial fold, our facial volume loss around the eye and malar region. FILLER can help to restore your facial volume and improve the facial profile. FILLER is available in both synthetic forms such as hyaluronic acid or natural form as fat grafting. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of each and chosen according to requirements and pt priorities.


So whenever you age override overlook consult to plastic and cosmetic surgeon to defy age and look younger.

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