Eyelift surgery or blepharoplasty is also one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedure worldwide. As we grow older our eyelid skin loosens and becomes saggy. There is excessive skin and puffy bags appear which lead to older and sad look.

Blepharoplasty removes excess skin and fat bags from eyelids and also improve wrinkles. A person who lost their natural eyelid crease also gets benefits from blepharoplasty. It associated with minimal complications and can be done along with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures. The incision usually well-hidden under eyelid crease. The procedure is usually done on out patient basic under sedation or local anaesthesia.


Anaesthesia – Local or sedation

Incision – Eyelid crease or below eyelashes

Duration of surgery – 1 to 2 hour

Discharge from the clinic – Same day

Return to work – Next day

Stitches to be removed – On 7 the day

Scar – Well hidden

Complication – Minimal such as a bleeding, unsightly scar, ectropion