Human ear lobule beside contributes to aesthetic of face, an important foundation for hanging pretty ornaments or jewelry. In our Indian culture wearing an ornament in-ear lobule not only a tradition but also indicate high moral value.


Female in India undergoes piercing of ear lobule not only during marriage ceremony but also to celebrate the festival and for tradition also. Spiting of ear lobule occurs mainly due to wearing of heavy ornaments and abruptly, from the trauma of a hairbrush or clothing caught in an earring, or a baby grabbing mommy’s jewelry.


ear lobule


Ear lobe surgery is one of the most undiscussed topics in Plastic surgery. Broadly it divided into –


1. Ear lobule Piercing

2. Spilled ear lobule repair

3. Correction of ear lobule

4. Excision of keloid


Surgery is considered to a gold standard to correct ear lobule abnormalities. It is painless which is done under Local Anaesthesia while the patient awake as a daycare surgery. To give minimum scar it is usually performed under magnification with the use of very fine sutures. There is very little Postoperative care require after surgery and the patient can do all types of routine activity from the next days.


There are some precautions which you need to do to make your ear lobule safe and beautiful.


1. Try to avoid heavy dangling earrings for the long term; save them for special occasions.

2. Remove loop or dangling earrings when playing with a baby, or feisty partner.

3. Remove earrings before brushing your hair.

4. If you are aware that you are a keloid former, do not get your ears pierced, stick with clip-on.

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